Sat, May 17, 2014
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  • 84 Module Positions

    A vast module positions assortment, spread over Gantry Grid Rows, split into groupings of six, for maximum flexibility
  • Core Framework

    The gantry sits at the core of the template, providing the base for the major features and functions, such as the responsive grid.
  • Extensions Support

    Diachron has styled, including responsive, support for the popular third party content / CCK extension, K2, Kunena...
  • Flexible Layouts

    Diachron has a responsive layout, meaning it adapts to the widths of the viewing device, as powered by the responsive framework.
  • Powerfull Menu

    Fusion with MegaMenu is a Mootools enhanced, CSS dropdown menu system, with features such as multiple columns and...
  • K2 Styling

    Diachron has styled, including responsive, support for the popular third party content / CCK extension by, K2.
  • Incredibly elegant & clean

    Presents content in a dynamic and interactive grid structure; perfect for magazine, news portal and content sites
  • Sophisticated Content

    A powerful switchblade content extension, that provides an array of display options, all within one single modular framework with...
  • Responsive Modes

    A powerful content extension with mosaic, lists, headlines, tabs and features modes and integrated template styling...
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Integrated Features

Many built-in features such as Font-Sizer, Google Analytics, Date, SmartLoad, ToTop Smooth Slider, SEO Optimized, Display Component On/Off, ShortCodes etc.

Multi-Page Configuration

Assign different template configurations for one or several menu items/pages. With up to 3 total sidebars, you can achieve highly complex mainbody layout scenarios

Rich Typography

ShortCodes provides BBCode style macro functionality. It provides a WYSIWYG-safe macro syntax to allow you to easily add complex HTML with a simple BBCode macro.



Incredibly elegant & powerful for Blogs, Store Fronts, Magazines,
Portals, Design Studios, Corporate Websites and
whatever your mind can dream up!


Multicolor, Elegant & Professional Theme for JomSocial


Responsive Layouts

  •   Fully Responsive Layouts
  •   Bootstrap Typography
  •   10+ Preset Styles
  •   84 Module Positions
  •   18 Stylistic Module Variations.

Easy Installation

  •   QuickStart Package
  •   Google Analytics Integration
  •   Google Web Fonts Support
  •   5 Different Homepage Design
  •   5 Different Slideshow.

Sophisticated Content

  •   RokSprocket Integration & Styling
  •   K2 Integration & Styling
  •   Kunena Forum Styling
  •   Theme for JomSocial
  •   Based on Gantry.